Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stages Of Work In Process - Artist: RobBob

I love this little gif because it shows how the artist was able to maintain the same structural form of the face after he began adding paint over his charcoal drawing. The charcoal drawing beneath established the architecture of the face (emphasizing plane changes) which allowed the artist to then lay colors of the appropriate temperature, value and hue on those established facial planes to reinforce the sense of space and form as he painted.

Stages Of Work In Progress - Artist: Stephen

Here is a little gif that I made to show two progressive stages of a painting. There can be a long developmental process in a painting and working up layers of paint and interweaving brush strokes help to create form and a nice variety of edges, ranging from those that are hard and crisp to those that are lost and become undetectable in transitions from one color to another. This painting is developing a nice range of edges, especially the blurred edge on the back of the head where the hair is about to meet the neck.

John Models With A Smoothie

The other day, our model was a little late so John threw a stool up on the counter with a warm bright light beneath it and modeled for us while he had his lunch. This is the kind of stuff that makes his class so fun and worth attending. John is great at improvising and the unexpected elements always make for great paintings.

Work In Progress

Thursday, March 26, 2015


John shared with us some of Rainer Maria Rilke's work in order to discuss the nature of being an artist. The poem at the top comes from Rilke's Possibility of Being. The second photo shows pages four and five from Letters on Cezanne. When discussing "This is the Creature," John said that everyone interprets poetry differently, but he can see this as being a metaphor for the process of an artist. Here are some other thoughts he mentioned while reading the poem to us.
-Creating the possibility to create art
-Making something unmade
-Giving birth to something that the normal paradigm will not care for
-Too much self disclosure scares the unicorn away

See what insights you gain about yourself and the process of making art as you read these sections and create work in the studio.

Pixel Paintings

(photo above)

(photo above)

These are a few paintings from a project started at the beginning of the semester. The assignment focused on a rigorous process of color mixing. The students were broken into groups of three and had to create an interesting photograph of a member in the group. Next, the students pixelated their photo in Photoshop in order to create a grid system that they could paint from. Each of the three students had to paint the photo in a different way: one in black and white, one in the photo's original colors, and one with a limited palette of their choice, such as a pair of complimentary colors like blue and orange or yellow and purple. Hopefully the others will be finished soon so I can put them up as well.

Recent Work